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What To Expect

Your First Visit

If at all possible, we recommend that you wear loose, comfortable clothing whenever you come into the office. As with most health care offices, we’ll have paperwork for you to fill out on your first visit. We want to know all about your current health issues, as well as your past health history.

After your paperwork is complete, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Stein. Once he has all the information he needs, he’ll evaluate your spine using motion palpation. Motion palpation is an excellent diagnostic tool to determine which vertebrae in your spine are not moving correctly and to their full potential. The tool helps Dr. Stein know which areas of your spine need precise adjustment. As the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer always stated, “Chiropractic is specific, or it’s nothing at all.”

If we find that no X-rays or medical scans are needed, then you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Stein has had over 24 years of experience, so you’ll be in very good hands as he gently corrects any spinal misalignment.